Returns and Rejections

Hello everyone!

I’m BACK! I have been away for a few weeks because I was busy giving birth to and adjusting to life with a beautiful little girl. We welcomed Scarlett Elizabeth on April 10.


Our beautiful little girl

Life has been a bit hectic trying to  juggle two little ones under the age of two, but I am happy to say that we are having beautiful moments in between the hiccups that come with figuring this family of four thing out. Big brother Ezra (who is 15 months old) isn’t too sure about Scarlett and has been bitten by the jealousy bug, but we’re working on it.

I returned to writing this week and what felt like a pile of rejections. I wrote an article about my first days as a mom of two under two that got a pass from a venue I was sure would love it. I wrote about a beautiful moment I shared with my toddler son that reminded me how to enjoy motherhood and not view it as a chore, despite being in survival mode these past few weeks. I was excited about it because it was honest and hopeful. However, the blog I  submitted it to didn’t feel the same and (truth be told) I was a little crushed! But, I revised and resubmitted elsewhere and I hope they like it.

Not only did my article get a pass, I’ve had several agents pass (or ignore) my query letter and/or sample chapter of my novel. I haven’t queried that many agents and I know this process is all about learning and patience. While I’m great and learning and taking criticism, I’m not so wonderful at being patient. Like with the article, I revised my query letter and resubmitted to a few more agents on my wishlist and I’m hoping to get some kind of response (other than a standard email informing me they have passed or watching the calendar days pass a deadline and a non response indicates they aren’t interested).

While the rejections sting (why wouldn’t they?), I can’t say that I’m all that disheartened on a whole. I believe in my article and I believe in my novel. The hard part is finding the right fit for my work and the right reader who believes in what I’ve written like I do. That’s why we revise and resubmit. We are looking to resonate with someone. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened for me yet, but it will.


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