an idea, a thought, a what if
a vision too grayed by haze to see or know succinctly
destination charted and adventure started

a planted seed
blossoms, stretches
(with an entire unspoken journey in between)

a rhythmic beat
collective sighs of relief

a swelling bubble
thrashing arms and wiggling feet
grainy silhouette

a countdown to uncertain
unknown day, hour, method, outcome
belly full of dried toast
and hope

a pang (call it women’s intuition) to go
hurrying just to wait, take a deep breath, count to ten

a push, a deep breath, a push
against yesterday and toward tomorrow
of a life forever altered by today

a birth
of a child, yes, but birth of a mother first
the moment she conceived what could be
and what finally is

-T.S. Reiger

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