For the Writer on Your List (Part 2)

As Christmas gets closer, I keep finding gifts for my writer and bookworm friends (that I also want for myself)! Just thought I would share some of these great finds and help your Christmas shopping get a little easier. You can find part 1 of my gift ideas here.

  1. Everything from Litographs women_tee_unisex_m_burgundy1_front
    I am not sure how I left Litographs out of my first list. Their t-shirts are hands down amazing for anyone who considers themselves a bookworm. They also have men’s sized shirts, which is pretty kick ass. Not so sure about a t-shirt? They also have tote bags, scarves, posters, and other gift ideas in a variety of colors that are great. The best part? They have over 200 books to choose from! It’s a bookworm’s dream.
  2.  Celebrate their work in progress! il_570xn-655799841_cjnx
    If you’re friend is a serious author or authoress and has a working title that has been around awhile, this custom pillow from Etsy shop DecorbyEdna is a gift of support and excitement for a dream they are striving to see realized. Not only would you be celebrating Christmas, but you would be celebrating their passion as a writer. Not going to lie, this would probably make me cry if someone bought me this pillow and it had Poppy Swings with T.S. Reiger on it.
  3. Magazine Subscription tw_subscription_page_graphic
    Want to gift quick and dirty tips for the writer in your life? Get them a magazine subscription! The Writer features articles on fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, children’s works, and poetry. They showcase advice on how to go about securing an agent, networking, self-publishing, and other facets of the business for the novice writer or the seasoned author. Shopping for a poet? Check our Poets & Writers magazine that offers both a print or a digital subscription! Also, the Bible of the writing world is none other than Writer’s Digest. Their annual publication is as big as the Bible, but their monthly magazines offer up the same caliber of writing pearls.
  4. Audiobook Subscriptiongive_membership_overview
    Seriously, if the writer in your life is a mom, has a long commute, or both, an audiobook subscription would make you the god of gifts this Christmas. Amazon has a service called Audible, which would work well if they are also Amazon dependent. For the more traditional person who wants a tangible disc, Amazon’s Audible service only offers digital downloads. However, other services like Simply Audiobooks and On the Go Books offer books on discs. If you want a thorough breakdown comparing 10 audio book companies, TopTenReviews has a great article and chart that does that!
  5. Gift them THEIR OWN WRITING
    In the same vein as number 2 on this list, a great idea is to celebrate their work! Etsy has some great art options where you can have their words put to paper, to poster, or to canvas. Just search lyric art, quote art, or custom quote print (actually just throw in custom with a multitude of keywords and you will have lots of options in no time)!  There are options to print on burlap, watercolor, paintings, photographs, and more. Track down their first blog post, their first article, a poem, or ask if you can read some sample chapters from their novel/screenplay! Pick a line or two that you think is magical and BOOM! Christmas for the win.

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