For the Writer on Your List!

It’s Christmas time! And if you’re anything like me, you love coming across the perfect idea for a difficult person on your list. Know a writer? Perfect. Here are a few things on my wish list that I have been geeking out over for sometime:

  1. Pretty much EVERYTHING from Storiarts.  pp_summer_02_2048x2x
    Based out of Portland, Oregon, Storiarts has great options for a writer or book lover. Best of all, it’s all handmade. I LOVE this site and have been anxious to receive any of their fantastic items. The literary scarves are what introduced me to Storiarts, but their writing gloves, pillows, t-shirts, baby beanies, headbands, and other items make them a serious competitor for great gift ideas.


  2. The Literary Candle old_books_soy_candle_front_1024x1024
    A lot of sites sell literary candles, but I adore the designs and fragrances from Frostbeard Studio. The sell soy candles and soy tarts. Can’t decide? They have sample packs of various flavors! I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter themed ones, but they also draw inspiration from the canon (The Great Gatsby), contemporary hits (like The Outlander series), genres (like Fantasy or Trashy Romance Novel), or smells that only bookworms get (New Paperback and Old Books).
  3. The BEST literary mugs. 4376_l-01
    Like Storiarts, The Unemployed Philsopher’s Guild has a lot of gifts to choose from (not necessarily all reading/writing related). But their mugs are some of my favorites. I have the Jane Austen mug, but I’m especially yearning for this Bronte sisters’ mug. They also have Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe (another I’m dying for), Kurt Vonnegut, and more.If mugs aren’t really doing it for you, you can search gifts by subject (literature) and browse all types of unique and nerdy ideas.
  4. The Old Standby41gax4cswhl-_sy439_bo1204203200_
    If you know a writer who likes to write by hand (I’m not one of those) or an avid journaling fiend (again, I’m not one of those), a notebook is a great gift. Not a 5-Star notebook mind you. Get them something really special. Moleskine has beautiful notebooks with some literary themes (like Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, and Game of Thrones) and pop culture options.
  5. Art Inspirationil_570xn-625146281_hya4
    Etsy has a lot of handmade art pieces to inspire the writer in your life. They can decorate their writing space or their reading nook with a new piece. You can choose from definitions, famous quotations, watercolors of typewriters, minimalist book covers, and other options I have yet to discover. Bottom line: You can find a piece that is perfect for the person on your list.

2 thoughts on “For the Writer on Your List!

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much for featuring Storiarts! We’re delighted to be featured on this list of amazing companies! Just picked up one of the items above as a gift 🙂 — Jessica & The Storiarts Team


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