Trusting the Process

In my previous post, I mentioned that big changes were coming for my family. A few weeks ago, my husband accepted a position in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, and we will be moving there from our home state of Indiana in about EIGHT WEEKS. We are anxious and excited to begin a new adventure as a family of FOUR (well, we’ll be a family of four in April when baby #2 arrives).

This new position promises a huge learning curve for my husband since he will be working alongside men and women who may not speak English, who are from an ethnic minority, and who are approaching life from a culture very different from our own. He is going to be stretched and professionally challenged. Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 12.22.54 PM.pngHe is nervous. He is excited. He is ready for the next step in his career.

As for me, I look at the map and see my new home in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far from any other continent. It’s over 4,000 miles from Indiana, the only place I have ever lived. I have been waiting my whole life to leave the cornfields and now that it’s here, I am anxious. A writer’s life is isolating. A stay at home mother’s life is isolating. In 8 weeks, I will be living on an island over 4,000 miles from all of my friends and family. Life is about to deal me a whole new hand of loneliness.

While this chapter promises us adventure, my husband and I are constantly reminding each other to trust the process. Just like I do in my own writing, I have to trust the hardship and the frustration before I can enjoy the reward. We must be patient in a place where we are strangers. We must be persistent in learning how to adapt and how to conform to the customs and lifestyle of the place we are moving into. We must be vigilant in protecting each other as we transition into a life that is so vastly different from the one we have.

We must trust the process. Because once we trust, then we can thrive.

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