Gulp. It’s out there!

Oh my goodness!

My piece called “Teacher vs. Stay-at-Home-Mom: How Teaching and Parenting Are Alike” just went live on Sammiches & Psych Meds!  Check it out!

It was such a fun piece to write. Like I’ve said before in another post, I love featuring my own experiences in writing and fusing them with a little creativity. However, this post was 100% all me. That’s such an intimidating feeling. I’ve invited the world (well, Sammiches & Psych Meds’ world, at least) into so many emotions. Times I have triumphed as a mom and as a teacher and into the times I have struggled. It’s hard to open the door into weakness without feeling exposed and to the door of triumph without sounding boastful.

Writing begs for a balance of vulnerability and confidence and I think that comes once you find your voice. I’ve been on a journey of finding my voice for awhile now and I think I’m starting to hear it. In high school, it was all about rule-following and “standard English.” In college, it was about rule breaking and creative writing as an English major. In grad school, it was all business and paraphrased citations. Now, I have a freedom to combine all  of my writing experiences into a new style that suits who I am and where I am in this moment on this writing journey.

I’ve got a few more pieces being considered elsewhere on the web and a few scribbles that I hope transform into craft. For being at this stage for six weeks (and this writing journey my whole life), I’m ecstatic.

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